"wrap me up in lavender thunder;"

Thursday, June 27, 2019


1) sunshine
creep inside me: explosion/implosion/delusion
it's a new day.
or so we thought?
a (false) sense of hope/ a (ray) of light
while you sit and wait for time to change your luck
i'm blinded.
moving in slow motion; blink &
it's a new day.
don't take yourself so seriously. 
the echoes. are echoing.
& the darkness will always be there.
it's a new day
how long can you wait for the one you deserve?
either way, it's a new day;

2) my sense of wonder's just a little tired. 
& I won't lie, it kind of always is.
somedays I wake up & I know this isn't home.
somedays I wake up & I know this is where i'm meant to be.
a nomad, lost.
a nomad, found.
open heart. open mind.
engulfed spirit.
daughter of the moon & the mind.
see i'm in love with how your soul's a mix of art & chaos/
& how you never try to keep them apart;

3) longing for the day
it will all make sense
the lilies are in bloom/
the tide hits the shore.
beam down
ancient woes, glory be
soft smiles, hopeful smiles, wonderous smiles.
& though the fear in my heart still drives me over the edge
it's a new day;

Sunday, May 26, 2019


so today I wrote a song for you
you'll never hear it but maybe you'll read this
wishful thinking?

I don't know I guess I thought we'd run into each other eventually
maybe there's still time//no need anymore
funny how things work

someone called me lovely once, but it wasn't you
blessed be the broken/
blessed be the ones who broke us

what's on your mind? 
i couldn't tell you even if i tried

i rest on childhood memories 
we all got old at breakneck speed
slow it down, go easy on me 

I've got so many memories & no where to put them.

momentum's building, isn't it?

i'm not okay, but i will be.
down, down in my bones
i'll always be just fine.

Sunday, April 28, 2019


i was only playing with the moon
let me inhale your spirit.
exhume your soul.
betray me.
fear me.
look me in the eye & make me believe;
there's no more to life than what we perceive
there's more to life than what we see
but i, i've got 
a war on my mind/
a world on my shoulders
a wounded heart.
meditation meditate meditation
for semblance
of peace of mind.
i let my mind wander & it never came back.
and after it all,
i was only playing with the moon.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


it's a whole other world out there. 
unprecedented rage/
the children asked for none of this
fire in their lungs/
strength in their fight.
there's empathy here;
a power from deep within. 
I wanna be king in your story
but I'm already the Queen.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


what a blessed & beautiful year it's been.
meetings in the moonlight/
dancing in the starlight;
laughter in the wind
planes in the sky
up & down we go,
hellos & goodbyes.
here comes the sun.
but truly, honestly, deeply
what a lovely time to have been alive. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019


I always felt that it was wrong/to lay my world in foreign hands
it all got mixed up in my head,
move here/ move there/ move
sun. shadow. sand. snow.
who are you going to be?
a solid question, she says/
any answers? look the other way;
I see a way out & I can hear an echo that begs to be followed
I don't have anything figured out, but does it matter anymore?
i'm sure no one has anything figured out
that's the only thing I do know, really.
I see a way out & I can see the sun on the horizon 
just call me foreigner;

Monday, November 12, 2018

I Don’t Know;

Sometimes I think of you.
Sometimes I forget you existed.
Sometimes the books are enough & sometimes they’re not.
Sometimes I sit & sing along to all the songs that make my heart ache/
Sometimes I dance.

And life is hard sometimes. Things happen that you can’t plan for, things happen to the ones you love and some things make you see it all through his eyes.
People grow apart/ people make mistakes/ the flower blooms & then there’s the moon.
And you grow and you grow and you grow but somehow you’re still the smallest person in the room.

But he’s sick and there’s nothing I can do about it.
But he’s leaving me and there’s nothing I will do to stop it.
And he’s crippled by life without her but she’s the goldest hour.

There she is. glorious/ petrified/ stupefied/ magnanimous. but there she is.

I can’t breathe; I can’t breathe; I can’t breathe. And guess again, I can’t breathe.

(You’ve been here before)

It’s not that serious anyway.