"wrap me up in lavender thunder;"

Monday, November 12, 2018

I Don’t Know;

Sometimes I think of you.
Sometimes I forget you existed.
Sometimes the books are enough & sometimes they’re not.
Sometimes I sit & sing along to all the songs that make my heart ache/
Sometimes I dance.

And life is hard sometimes. Things happen that you can’t plan for, things happen to the ones you love and some things make you see it all through his eyes.
People grow apart/ people make mistakes/ the flower blooms & then there’s the moon.
And you grow and you grow and you grow but somehow you’re still the smallest person in the room.

But he’s sick and there’s nothing I can do about it.
But he’s leaving me and there’s nothing I will do to stop it.
And he’s crippled by life without her but she’s the goldest hour.

There she is. glorious/ petrified/ stupefied/ magnanimous. but there she is.

I can’t breathe; I can’t breathe; I can’t breathe. And guess again, I can’t breathe.

(You’ve been here before)

It’s not that serious anyway.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

She's Thunderstorms;

have you inhaled me in yet?
toxic fumes/ or so they say,
who am i to talk?
baby, i'd rather be hard to love 
than easy to leave.

the world's moving in slow motion.
freeze frame. eyes meet.
we've sped up now.
but i got news for you, i came broken.
rain fall/
i guess you i let go. 

Friday, February 16, 2018


i miss the red dust.
all these pitstops on this planet,
all the crowds i've known,
all these makeshift memories.
say you're not gonna leave me
this place is right where you need to be.
i'm leaving now,
but i'll always miss the red dust of those old roads. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Witness me
Like fire weeping from a cedar tree;

The time has come for different things.
Enriching? Damning? I cannot say but darling, it's all about to change.
Somewhere to your right, she dives into the deep, blue sea.
Somewhere to your left, she bounds into the deep, blue sky.
And right in front of you, she sheds the ashes & bursts into flames.
Take me home:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Forever Dancing With The Devil;

it's been a while.
shy smiles & reminisces. but maybe not so shy anymore.
i think we've all grown up a little more than we thought we would need to, a little faster than we'd imagined we would.
but it's been fun, hasn't it? look me in the eye and tell me this wasn't the year of your life.
weren't they all?
maybe i'm thinking too much. maybe i'm not thinking enough.
we'll be just fine, we'll be just fine, we'll be just fine...i know we will. i just know we will.
it's me before you, but you're standing before me.
we're on the edge, and the adrenaline is coursing.
you step back & i soar;
i guess all i needed was a little nudge to fly.

احب نفسك اولا

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017


in the blink of an eye, it's all morphed. i went back a full year later, and it was no longer the safe haven i'd known, the pub on the corner where i got over it all/him. closed; opened; new.
time is shiftable, & i've used that before. 
walk with me, won't you? slow dancing in a burning room. memory lane is crumbling with every step; it's all illuminated now when i look back and see your smile. is that a glint of madness in your eye? it matches mine. 
mischief & magic;
daylight's imploding into the night sky's stars. 
"don't be so cynical," he says. we're still dancing and the room is on fire and you're explaining the infinite.

how rare & beautiful it is to even exist/
i couldn't help but ask for you to say it all again/
i tried to write it down but i could never find a pen/
i'd give anything to hear you say it one more time/
that the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes;

everything changes but somehow we're all still exactly the same, exactly where we need to be. i didn't know it while it was melting all around me but the year that just happened was the year of a lifetime. truly/ brutally/ honestly. 
but nothing baffled me more than seeing you at the end of that crumpled, bashed down little road. 
"hello my old heart," he says.